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Airstream Food Truck

Body size :480x210x260cm  LxWxH
Inside size:460x200x200cm  LxWxH
Towbar length:120cm
Tare Mass:1800kg
Chassis:Galvanized steel pipe 5x10cm
Frame:Galvanized steel pipe 3x5cm
Thermal insulation:Cotton 5cm
Axles:Hunterman(default),AL-KO Brand(optional)
Wheel hub:Chrome plated wheel hub
Brakes:Disc brake
Shock absorption    :5 ~ 7 springs
Floor: 12mm Wood board+Non -slip aluminum plate
Body material:Stainless steel
Inside material:White FRP
Entry pedal:RV pedal
Anti-collision beam:100mm Stainless steel
Stabilizer legs:AL-KO brand
Jockey wheels:500kg
Power Inlet :100~380V
Water inlet : Tap water or water tank
Tail light    :E4 round taillights


Standard Description:
1.Exterior material: stainless steel.
2.Interior material: white color fiberglass.
3.Outside configuration: tow bar with coupling, power inlet connector, service window, tires, entrance door,step board, anti-collision beam, tail lights system.
4.Inside configuration: led panel lights, electric system, anti-slip floor, breaker.
5.Customized size: length from 330cm to 1000cm.
6.Stainless steel type options: 1) Mirror stainless steel; 2) Brushed stainless steel.  (free of charge)

7.Inside need customize, default inside no working bench, no sinks, no range hood, no any cooking equipment.

This food trailers/foodtrucks are customized, the price is the basic price, excluding equipment,shipping cost
You can contact us to get the quotation

The pictures shows the customized cases of other customers for reference only.
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