Burger Catering Trailer, Fast Food Trailer


Body size :340x200x240cm  LxWxH
Brake System: AL-KO Brake System 
(Optional item, AL-KO brakes are recommended for European countries)
Production location: China
Production capacity: 1000~1200 units per year
Certificates: CE ,COC,ISO,VIN number
Warranty: 10 years
Production time: 30~40days
Transport: shipping by sea to ports of your country
Transport time: 25~40days  (Depends on your port)
Port of origin of transport :Shanghai, China
Insurance: included 
Payment: Bank transfer to our company's USD or EUR account. 50% deposit to start production, 50% final payment after completion of production.
After-sales service: food trucks, internal kitchen equipment and accessories Warranty time is 10 years (free change of accessories that need to be replaced).
Registration Service: We provide CE, COC, ISO certificates, etc. and assist you to complete the registration in your local country.
This food truck customer made to order
Price is including kitchen equipment and accessories just like the pictures.
Contact us for your custom made food truck and a quote!
Shipping costs are also not included, please contact us for the latest shipping cost.

Why Choose Us
More professional: we are specialised in manufacturing food trucks and food trailers for more than 20 years, we provide professional pre-sales consultation, professional 3D drawings, high standard production
More experienced: our company is engaged in this food truck and food trailer for more than 20 years, our sales team are all more than 10 years of sales experience, we know more about your needs. From our leaders to workshop workers are all more than 10 years of working experience.
More Safe: the food trucks we produce are made of high-strength galvanised steel pipes for the frame, three-layer thickened design for the chassis, and imported brands for the axles, making your food trucks and food trailers more safe!
More responsible: we provide 10 years after-sales service (any problems of food trucks and accessories I we provide free replacement)
Stricter quality: our food food trucks and food trailers will be tested for water system and electricity,  roaw  test, waterproof test, tail light test and so on before leaving the factory, to ensure that the product you receive is perfect!
More certificates: We provide customers with CE, COC, VIN, ISO certificates or documents, and assist customers to register in the local area, in addition, our factory is also the world's certified factory, and is one of the members of the SAE, our world factory code is R6P, our factory is also certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and we export to more than 120 countries (including the U.S., Canada, and the United States), and we also export to the U.S. and Canada. Mexico, all European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, etc.).
More cooperation : At present, the foreign companies cooperating with our company are more than 80+, we keep long-term cooperation relationship, and our cooperation companies are increasing every year, because the quality of our products is approved by them!
The process of customized food trucks
1. Contact us for the latest catalogue or visit our website to choose the food truck you need.
2.Tell us what kind of business or cuisine you are going to use the food truck for.
3.We will provide you with recommended equipment and accessories or you can choose your own kitchen equipment and accessories.
4.We provide a complete quotation
5. After the quotation is confirmed, we provide design drawings.
6. Sign the contract after the quotation and drawings are confirmed 
(Chinese sellers provide proforma invoice)
7. Pay 50% deposit according to the bank details of the proforma invoice.
8. After receiving your deposit, we will arrange the production drawings again to confirm with you.
9. After confirming the production drawings, arrange your order to be queued for production.
10. After the production is completed, we provide pictures or videos.
11. After you confirm the food truck after production, we will arrange to pay 50% of the final payment.
12. We arrange the transport to your port or you contact the freight forwarder to pick up the goods in our factory.
13. After the goods leave the port, we prepare the customs clearance documents.
14. After the cargo arrives at the port, the freight forwarder at the destination port assists you with customs clearance and transport.
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